Why is it called FoSC Regularity Championship

FoSC is "Festival of Sporting Cars", and was a prominent motor racing promotor in NSW. FoSC ran for many years enabling grassroots competitors access to one of the highest regarded race tracks in Australia. FoSC ran many events over years at Oran Park, Wakefield Park & Eastern Creek (now known as Sydney Motorsport Park). We want to the FoSC legacy alive.

How does Regularity work?

Regularity is a points based competition, and drivers are awarded points based on consistency.
- Drivers will do a practice/qualifying session.
- Drivers will be required to nominate a time to the Race Secretary that they will endeavour to do, lap after lap.
- Drivers will accrue one (1) point for every 0.50 seconds over the time nominated.
- Drivers will accrue one (5) point for every 0.50 seconds under the time nominated.

Let's look at and example.
Bob nominates 1:12.8 for Run 1. Bob does the following lap times.
1:13.9 (1.1 seconds slower = 2 points)
1:14.2 (1.4 seconds slower = 2 points)
1:13.1 (within 0.5 of his nominated time = 0 points)
1:12.8 (within 0.5 of his nominated time = 0 points)
1:11.9 (0.90 seconds faster = 5 points)
1:12.0 (0.80 seconds faster = 5 points)

Bob would receive 14 points.

What is the licencing requirement?

Competitors will need to have a minimum of a AASA Club Level Licence (or day licence). Other licences such as a Motorsport Australia (MA) L2S speed is also acceptable.

What Vehicle can I compete in?

The FoSC Regularity Championship is exclusively for cars which have been sold in Australia and are driven on our roads by everyday people. The use of an a Formula type or purpose built car may not eligible. If you are uncertain, please get in contact with us to clarify.

Do I need to do all rounds to win the championship?

No. Only points from your four (4) highest point scoring rounds will count for the championship. However, it's in your best interest to compete in all rounds in order to win.

What is the MRA/WPM Track Day experience about?

For each entry into a regularity event, the driver will receive a ticket in the draw to win the experience. The experience will be a full track day at Wakefield Park, and the winner will get to experience driving three different race cars. A Nissan Pulsar (APRA Spec race car), a Hyundai Excel (Series X3 Spec), and a Legend Car (Legend Cars Australia Spec). The winner will get to experience multiple sessions in each car. A full arrive and drive package brought to you by Motor Racing Australia, Wakefield Park & Legend Cars Australia.